Here's a revolutionary spiritual practice that can bring you into the present and can change your experience of this moment:

With only a very few exceptions, welcome whatever you face in this present moment as if you'd asked God for it specifically.

You spend a lot of time dwelling on what you want instead of what is. You waste a lot of good energy fighting your way through this present moment, because it's not what you thought you'd signed up for or what you think God should have given you. You dream of a better job, a better body, a better friend or spouse or child or boss. And you're in essence praying for deliverance from this moment. But what if you're praying against the present God's given you? What difference would it make today, right now, if you yielded and embraced this moment---even its pain---as a gift from God?

Of course there must be exceptions. No one should accept as gift the cruel things humans can do to each other. Those are more rare than you may think. While you may suffered great cruelty at a moment the past, you're not facing it at this very moment. The pain was real, but right now it's a pain that can only live in you with the permission of your memory. Let it go. It's hurt you too long.

Come into this moment.


Here. Now.


Let God kiss you.