So maybe you're in conflict with a family member, friend, or co-worker. You think they're wrong; they think you're wrong. Maybe they're being belligerent, aggressive, hostile. And you, not wanting to be a pushover, are preparing to push back.

You can push back, of course. But to what end? You're reciprocal act of self-assertion is a summons to a fight, and a fight is what you'll have. Part of you would like that. There's part of you that thinks at a very primitive level. "Eye for an eye." It's a trap and it'll make you part of the universal spiral of conflict and violence that's plagued us for millennia.

You must find another way. And that other way doesn't mean being passive, a pushover, a doormat.

No, it means letting go of your attachment to being right, proving the other wrong. It means learning how to see what is really true, sticking with the real facts--not your illusions, opinions, or perspective. And speaking that truth in a way that helps the other let go of their attachment too. If you need to be right, you're already in a trap. But a commitment to "the truth will set you (both) free" (John 8.32).

But that commitment to truth requires you let go of your petty opinions.

Intention: Today, when I'm drawn into conflict over this or that, I'll take a deep breath in prayer, step back, let go of my need to give someone a piece of my mind, and seek a way to move toward a truth that's bigger than both of us.