I'm aging. You're aging. I'm now wearing progressive lens in my eyeglasses to help me keep things in focus. I imagine that you'll have to do that too someday if you're not already doing so.

Over time we lose focus spiritually too. It's as natural as aging. Losing focus isn't just a nuisance; it can be dangerous--especially for those who don't realize they're not seeing clearing, or who refuse to acknowledge it.

Loss of focus isn't just a matter of seeing or perceiving. We can lose focus when we're spread thin and have lost a sense of our center--who we are, what we're all about.

That kind of loss of focus is dangerous too. You wind up busy, anxious, frustrated. It's not good for your mind, your body, or your soul.

Intention: Today, I'll name what's most important to me. I'll keep that front and center . . . kind of like taping a reminder card on the wall of my mind. I realize I'll not stay focused all day, but at least I have a center to return to when I lose it.

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman