So many things crowd into a leader's mind.  Consequently, leaders can be terribly absent people . . . distracted, busy, fretful, pushy.  You've been around such leaders, and you follow them only if you have to.  Usually the only authority they have for leading is the power of their position.  If you're lucky you've also been around leaders who you'd follow anywhere.  They are rare, but we know them when we're around them.  They have presence.  They are healers---no matter what kind of work they do.  They possess a presence of mind. Here's a message from Christ, inviting you into the only kind of leadership that really matters.

You are to think of nothing else, only love. You are to want nothing else for another, than that they know My love. You are to have nothing else in your mind or heart when you are with another, only love.

Love them.

See Me stooping, lifting mud in my hands, breathing life into the soul before you, cradling them lovingly as they come to life.

Do that.

This is the kind of leadership that truly matters---whether you're a parent dealing with a troubled teenager, an executive trying to awaken life in your management team, an artist wanting to invite others to see what you see, a politician working for the common good, a cop trying to break up a domestic fight.

Fail to do this, and you might push people around, get some stuff done, make a pile of money, build an empire.  But you're not going to take those around you where they need to go.