When you decide to awaken from the dream-world in which you're living, you become aware of how unconscious you are to this present moment.   Test this: ask yourself how much of the drive to work or home you actually remember; evaluate how much of this morning's meal you actually tasted. Instead, when you wake up to the present, when you're fully awake now to God, to yourself, to the world around you, there is a new quality to your experience of this present moment.

Jesus said, “Do not worry about tomorrow” (Matthew 6.34).

With these words, he liberates us from the pull of the past, the tyranny of tomorrow. He’s inviting you now to wake up from the dream and enter the splendor of the Kingdom of God which is here among us, within us (Luke 17.21); he is urging you to step into the gift of the Eternal Life now.