We spend a great deal of our lives living somewhere other than where we are. Our minds dwell mostly on the past or walk around in the mind-made world of the future. But no one meets God anywhere but where they are now. The past was, of course, very real, but it’s not real now. And the future will be real, but it’s not here yet.

The past is only a memory and the future is merely a dream.

And so long as you spend the bulk of your time in these two dreams worlds, you’re essentially sleep walking through the present; the present moment is the only time you really have. In this "dream" state (which seems very real to you) God will be merely a head-trip—ideas and doctrines—no more real than the phantoms in your dreams.

Sadly, this dream-world is where most people live, it’s likely where you’ve lived for quite some time.

It's time to wake up.