The fact that you can think a thought and observe it means that there must be a you that’s not the thought. Try this: think of an elephant. Now notice that you can actually notice and observe your thought of the elephant. The you who thinks the thought and can now see it, is the you who can take it captive.

Follow me? Maybe you think this is just a little trick and of little practical use. It’s no trick, no silly exercise. Most people are ruled by their thoughts and are driven by them. They also never really pray—they think, even nice thoughts about God. Living includes thinking, of course, and so does praying. But living and praying are far more than thinking. And as long as most of what you’re doing is thinking (living mostly in your head), you’ll stay lost in your own little mind-made self, distant from God, and probably not living very well to boot. You’ll remain a victim of the tyranny of your thoughts.

You’ve spent most of your life living that way. It’s time to be set free.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman