To bring your mind into a right relationship with your heart you’ll have to stop following your thoughts and emotions wherever they want to lead you. The point is not to be passive about your thoughts and emotions, but rather to learn to examine them—gently though, for I’ve seen people become so serious about them that they just deal with their thoughts with more and more thoughts. You need to remember that your thoughts and emotions too (especially the ones that you obsess over the most) have ruled you for a long time and won’t willingly play second fiddle to anything else, even God. In fact, they want you to treat them as God, and you probably do so without realizing it. Think about how much time certain thoughts spend in your consciousness, how long particular emotions hold power over how you feel. The attention you give them really robs you of a lot of living. Obsessing over them siphons off the spiritual energy you could use to transform your life into a living prayer.

Down the road, I’ll help you learn to exchange this habitual obsessing over thoughts and emotions for the experience of unceasing, interior prayer. That will bring you a freedom you never thought possible.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman