When your mind and everything in it learns how to yield to the priority of your heart, surrendered to the fullness of God within you (Ephesians 3.19), your mind will become the noble instrument God created it to be. As you learn to draw your head down into your heart where Christ dwells, your mind will become infinitely more than it can ever be alone. You’ll learn how to bury your mind inside the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2.16)—there, united with its Maker and liberated from the tyranny of its own self-management, there’s no telling what your mind can do. I say all this to help you stay clear about what you’re after.

Your goal is to move past your distracting thoughts and emotions and into an unobstructed awareness of your self before God, the simple resting of your self in Love.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman