There’s something deep in every person that leaps at the mention of prayer. That something—a deep, unspoken desire for the Divine—may not leap for long, and it may leap weakly, for our desire for prayer is often mixed up with guilt and fear, doubt and disappointment. Nevertheless, there’s an arousal within each of us at the mention of prayer. This arousal isn’t always positive; for some there’s a counter-leaping within us—a revulsion that makes us recoil from prayer. Prayer’s a lot like sex. We’ve all got some kind of interest in it, but the mere mention of it can also arouse some stiff resistance to it because, frankly, we’ve all got one hang-up or another when it comes to sex. So, just by mentioning prayer I know I’m not only awakening desire but also shame.

(To be continued Thursday . . . )

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman