The companionship of angels and saints . . . You’ve curved yourself open again and embraced the goodness of creation all around you. While you’re at it, curve yourself open to those around you.

The journey you’re on, into the fullness of God, can seem lonely. The traffic’s often going a different direction. Yet God will send companions, but much of the time they’ll not be the companions you’d choose for yourself. This is why paying attention to the curvature of your heart is important. When you feel like you’re traveling alone, you’ll likely curve in upon yourself again. You’ll be tempted to judge others, become self-righteous. Your apparent isolation may make you feel abandoned, and therefore a bit ornery.

Truth is, there are more with you and for you—more who love you—than you have eyes to see (2 Kings 6.16-18). Surely you’ve got at least a few family and friends somewhere around you. With this part of the Rule you express your intention to open yourself to them.

But there’s more. God’s also surrounded you with a host of angels and saints—natural and supernatural beings whose ministry is mostly unseen. So, as you rise today it’ll do you good to say hello to them, and open yourself to whatever they may bring your way.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman