The goodness of earth and sky and sea

When you rise and pray this way, you’re separating yourself from the pessimism and crankiness that can easily poison your heart. You’ve served notice that, while there are plenty of real problems in our world—some you’ll face even today—you’re determined to rise above the hand-ringing and finger-pointing and name-calling that are so toxic.

That determination means you’ll live a life uncommon.

But it’s you who’ve chosen to work with the grain of the universe, rather than against it. God pronounced the world good, and goodness is the essential nature of things. If you see things any other way you’ll sin against the Sacred and most likely end up with a handful of splinters.

Instead, pick up a ripe midsummer peach. Toss yourself into a pile of autumn leaves. Saunter in the snow. Dance in the rain. Caress a baby’s face. Cradle an old person’s hand. Savor a glass of wine or a fine green tea. Watch the waves crash against the shore. Count the stars. Bend down and pick up a handful of this good earth. Smell the musty aroma of life.

True, the earth can reel and rock. The sea can rise against us in terrifying power. The sky can send a gale to rip and tear at all we hold dear. But pound for pound, goodness far outweighs the bad.

So arise and welcome the zillion tons of goodness beneath you, the infinite benevolence above you, the unbounded charity all around you. And smile. All is good.

But if for some reason things aren’t so good for you right now, if pain and darkness and fear crowd in against you, things shall be good again.

God says so.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman