Dear brave soul; What I've been talking about might sound contradictory—“How can I be present to this moment when I’m thinking about the future?” But give it some time and practice. You’ll learn that it’s possible to plan a birthday party for a loved one or bury your head in a history book and do it all with a high degree of awareness or presence.

You’ll also learn that doing so can bring you a higher degree of pleasure than you’ve known before. What’s more, you’ll learn to let go of planning the party when you’re driving your car or sitting in a meeting at work or having dinner with someone you love.

You’ll become skillful, better able to concentrate your energy on the person or task right in front of you. You’ll learn how to intentionally forget other tasks that nag at you, and you’ll be more able to resist the temptation to multitask (which only scatters your energies).

Let’s be honest, multitasking is a spiritual treadmill; you waste a lot of energy trying to get where you want to go.

Be here, now . . . even when making plans for the future.

May you walk in the Way today.