I've frequently advocated for more sunshine on mood disorders, depression, and mental health (see posts here and here and here and here).  Here's an important post on emotional health among pregnant women and new moms.  From patricaneufeld.wordpress.com

This week’s death of baby Medina, who was allegedly thrown from a parking structure by his mother, is a tragedy. And her husband’s plea that more be done to recognize and treat postpartum depression is courageous and needed. However, as a therapist specializing in women’s emotional health, and especially postpartum depression, it’s important that we recognize that depression around child birth very, very rarely leads to such desperate and tragic acts.

Identifying a baby’s killing with postpartum depression may do more harm than good. It may silence those who suffer rather than helping them talk about their experience. Postpartum depression is the most misunderstood, undiagnosed, and untreated complication of childbirth. One in six women suffer from depression during pregnancy and after childbirth. Until recently, very few physicians screened for this kind of depression. But that’s changing in Fresno. Many of us are working to help women find the resources they need not just to survive depression, but to thrive.

The truth is, mood disorders around childbirth are treatable. If you wonder if you or someone you care about is having emotional difficulty while pregnant or after childbirth, contact: Postpartum Support International at www.postpartum.net, or locally in the Fresno area, contact, www.calmhappysafe.com.