Music connects with something deep within us.  It awakens us spiritually. Here's my 19 year old son, interpreting a song by Yiruma.  He's added a bridge he wrote, but it fits in so well I can't tell what's his and what's Yiruma.  And that's as it should be when the river flows in you.  Josh started playing the piano this past year.  But it connects deeply within him.  This video reveals the way he's letting his body inhabit the music.  Rather than just playing notes, he's beginning to yield; whenever we yield the the Spirit we're no longer playing at something, we're being played.

Okay, so I'm a proud father.  But Josh's playing illustrates the path of spiritual awakening, the yielding that's necessary for prayer.  There comes a point when we must lose our heads and inhabit prayer itself, until we're no longer conscious of praying, but find ourselves being prayed.

Josh is still a beginner and probably making some mistakes.  But he doesn't care; he's already letting go.

So, if you're beginning at prayer, don't let your need to get your praying right dam up the river that wants to flow in you (John 7.38).

1. Make some mistakes.

2. Try new things.

3. Feel.

4. And let the Spirit pray in you.