Jesus doesn't matter primarily because he somehow gets believers to heaven.  To believe that faith is some kind of ticket to a blissful afterlife is an ugly and dangerous corruption of the gospel of Jesus.  

Jesus, frankly, was more interested in earth than he was in heaven. 

The Incarnation of Jesus means that matter matters to God. 

So, let's not drink the Kool Aid and think (and act) as if what matters happens later--after this life.  No, the Kingdom has come.  And the presence of God is here and now, and that means that all life matters, in fact all matter matters. 

So, let's talk trees.  Yeah, roots and bark and leaves.  

What will life be like without trees, after we've cut them all down?  

Consider this . . .

Then go plant a few. 

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman
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