Everything on this site revolves around a particular story.  It’s the tale of an outer pilgrimage that carried me into the great sand sea of the Egyptian desert and among the craggy peaks and windswept isles of western Scotland, into the streets and halls of Oxford, England and along the rugged coast of California’s Big Sur.  It’s a tale of life lived in an ordinary American city, where I’ve tried to live all that I learned on that great journey.  But it’s also the tale of an inner journey that leads through moments of exquisite happiness and pleasure, but also into periods excruciating pain and bewilderment, unspeakable sorrow and loss.  In all this I was forced, through turns wry and unsparing, to enter the very core of my being, where I found God dwelling in astonishing fullness.  A radiant center that nothing can take away, nothing can destroy.

You’ll find little snippets of that journey here on this blog as a way to help you discern the mischief God may be up to in your own life.

The whole tale is told in my ebook, Returning to the Center: Living Prayer in a Distracting World, available as a free download in the Resource section on this site.

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman