"We should not be too sure of having found Christ in ourselves until we have found him also in the part of our humanity that is most remote from our own."

Thomas Merton

What will it take for a true Christian revolution to take hold of us?  It's too easy for us to build walls between us.  Who's right.  Who's wrong.  Who's in.  Who's out.  The dividing walls are becoming more numerous.  Thicker too.  Before long we'll be trapped in a maze of our own making.  Prisoners in our own little worlds, having excluded everyone else but those who are just like us.  Far from what it truly means to be human, in-dwelt by the Divine.

Intention: Today, I'll open myself to someone who I would otherwise ignore as too different from myself.  As I do I'll find something of myself, some part of me I've ignored, judged, dismissed, and excluded from the loving embrace of Christ.