The stuff that makes us so serious often isn't so serious to God. "Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?" asks the psalmist. "The One who sits in the heavens laughs" (Psalm 2.1 and 4). That doesn't mean God doesn't care about what scares us, or worries us, or troubles us. It means that God sees things differently than we do. God has a longer and larger view.

That fact may bother us; we'd like God to care more about what worries and wounds us and our world. But who's to say God doesn't? Who can say for sure that God isn't caring in the best way God can care? Who can really say that God isn't working behind the scenes in ways that are better than the ways we'd devise?

You've been around those who are serious and concerned (and perhaps that makes them get involved in fighting what's wrong in the world). But while their serious concerns makes them energetic in righting wrongs, they're frankly a drag to be around. Their eyes don't shine, their words are hard, their touch isn't gentle.

God's levity in the midst of a world in pain might seem to us to be inappropriate. But isn't it possible that playfulness, humor, and lightness might have their own power in healing our hurts and righting what's wrong?

If we can let go our obsession with handwringing, maybe we'd be be able to better hear God's call and follow God's path as we participate in the Lord's mysterious, cosmic dance of life that's transforming our world.

Intention: Today, I'll let go of my grievances and grumbling. I'll smile a little more often. And I'll try to trust there's a mighty Hand at work behind what makes me feel powerless and angry. And I'll listen for the distant sounds of God's laughter.