I'm lured (again) into over-managing others---or at least, anxiety over trying to manage others (whether or not I actually get them to do anything at all). The church. The staff. My sons habits. The household and finances. How do I interact with others and exercise the authority I'm given while not over-managing or micromanaging? Isn't there another, better way?

Jesus says, "Do not worry" about the stuff of daily life. Seek the kingdom of God, and what needs to come your way will come. Today gives you enough to worry about, and you've got enough to do just managing your own life, let alone the lives of others (Matthew 6.25-34).

Trouble is, the way others live affects me deeply. Add to that, I have some responsibility over how they live---especially the employees I lead and the sons I feed. So it's not a surprise that I want to get them to do and be certain things---their behavior directly effects me and how I feel about myself.

Argh! Me. Me. Me! When will I get over me? "Oh wretched person I am! Who will rescue me" (and them) from me? (Romans 7.24)

Get the me-that's-always-pushing out of the picture, and they'll all be free to be much more than the little you want them to be.

From my journals, October 6, 2007

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman