The third in a series of posts on companionship and the spiritual journey.   Please pass along to those you consider companions on your journey into the fullness of God.  This follows a post: "Humanity is the cradle of divinity" . . . Humanity is the cradle of divinity; the Incarnation of God in Jesus is evidence for that.

But all is not bliss.  Being human can also make us miserable.

Our bodies break, and so do our relationships. The sheer inhumanity of human beings toward one another can seem like a just reason to run from our humanness.

But just because some people are rotten, and a good many of our relationships are dysfunctional, doesn’t mean the whole human enterprise is corrupt and the sooner we escape it, the better.

Some spiritual paths teach this, even Christian ones.  But this kind of thinking pushes against the relational current that flows from the Incarnation of God in Christ, and it’ll never carry you into the presence of the God you seek and who is ever seeking you.

We cannot flee from our humanity--not if we want God.

To be continued . . .

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman