"Wake up, sleeper!" This same call came to me when I was at the midpoint of my life---married with children and successful in my career, but frankly, troubled by a gnawing sense within me that I'd lost something dear to me. Years earlier, I'd tasted God and that taste made me hungry for more.

But over the course of the next several decades I'd become dull to the hunger once awakened in me. Or maybe it's fairer to say I didn't know where to look to satisfy my hunger for the sacred, so I satisfied myself with lesser things and forgot the real taste of God.

You could say that I was sleepwalking and didn't even know it.

I can't describe how the call came really (who can describe such things?).   All I can safely say is that the call came . . . slowly. Less like lightening from heaven and more like the gentle dawning of a new day.

I'm sure the call had been coming to me for quite some time.

I'm also sure that I'd done very little about it; I wasn't looking for change, so change came looking for me.

Of course, I have no way of knowing how this call is coming to you. Nor do I know what you're doing about it. But this I do know: you might be sleepwalking and not even know it. And God's calling to you, whispering everywhere, "Wake up, sleeper!"

And I know you'll face a challenging decision: awaken to the mischief of God that's knocking at the door of your heart, or push it away, stop your ears, and keep keeping on with life as it is, trying to ignore the gnawing hunger within you for Something more.