Continued from the previous post . . . But now I’m learning to see.

It’s taken many miles, many place and faces.  It’s taken a rattling and a shaking I thought would undo me. It’s taken a descent into a darkness that I couldn’t know at the time to be a gift of grace—a mercy, though terribly severe. But what I see now—made possible because of all this—I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It’s taken a long time to open my eyes to this Light, to see the Marvel that’s as near as the beating of my heart.

Sometimes I regret that, and wonder why I was so dull. But regret doesn’t get me anywhere. And wishing only keeps me fixated elsewhere. I’m learning to live where I am—here and now, on the ground, in this place, this body.

When I do, I come face to face with the Mystery that is always right before—indeed, within—us all.