Ilia DelioPeople often dismiss the contemplative life, the praying life, as disconnected from the realities of daily life. That's a terribly naive and myopic assessment.  This site is dedicated to a robust and compassionate life lived in public, sourced by Divine power.

Here's a recent book I've come important work on the relationship between the contemplative and active life.  Contemplation ought to lead to the deepest forms of involvement in daily life--especially the struggle for all to live well on this increasingly trouble, yet beautiful planet.

"The key to compassion is conversion of self; prayer enkindles the grace of conversion. As Francis prayed, he became more deeply attuned to the experience of God in his own life which in turn deepened his compassion for others. Through prayer Francis reached the deepest oneness with God; he realized this oneness by sharing in the human poverty and humility of Christ. Compassion transformed Francis into another Christ 'because of the excess of his love.'"

There's a growing emergence of compassionate folks whose acts are sourced by prayer.  You're among them.

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