When I talk about the spiritual life and your practice of prayer, I may come off as a bit hard on the ego---that precious little one within us. I suppose I do so because I find we’re so ignorant of its tyranny. We’ve all been around families whose little children are unruly, unmanageable, and frankly, rude, because they’ve not learned as you’ve said so well, to submit “to that which it understands to be for the good of the whole being.” Little children need to be loved and welcomed with space to grow, but they if they are never disciplined they become unhealthy. So too with the ego.

So, I probably exaggerate a bit much, but all with the purpose of bringing the ego back into its place—like helping a two year old know she’s loved but is not the center of the universe. Salvation is about this kind of wholeness. And people who practice interior prayer---deep inner union with Christ---will find their ego reordered and redeemed by Christ within.

They become agents of healing in a world tyrannized by the mass insanity of collective egos run amok.