Being truly present to the light and the darkness, the hope and the restlessness that’s all around and within you—is nonnegotiable. When you’re aware, you shift your focus from what should be, would be, or could be to what is. You receive the moment. And when you do, a stillness, a spaciousness, a freedom opens up within you. When you’re truly present, you’re no longer reacting to situations, demands, and impulses. You’re not resisting life, nor are you grasping frantically for some fantasy you’re chasing.

Instead, you’re open to what is, and when you are, the deepest and best kind of wisdom can finally come to you. Your intuition merges with God’s revelation and you receive a sixth sense, born of the Spirit whom Jesus sent to teach us everything (John 14.25).

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman