Meditation is not limited to a particular religious tradition.  Across the world, people have practiced meditation for millennia, finding the practice not only a source of strength and inspiration for their spiritual growth, but a benefit to the whole of their life. Here's a helpful link to some meditation techniques for you if you practice meditation, or would like to, but find yourself distracted, busy, or impatient:

Meditation techniques for the busy or impatient

Whatever your religious orientation, these suggestions can help you develop a richer spiritual life and provide you with broader health benefits.

You may find yourself wary of techniques that don't overtly speak your religious language.  Let's say you're a Christian.  Then, consider the meditation techniques as the frame around the priceless painting that God is to you.  Remember, the Trinity is the focus of your attention; the meditation techniques are simply the frame leading to contemplation of the divine.  That the frame might highlight a Buddhist's or Muslim's or Native American's priceless painting doesn't mean you can't also use the frame.

The technique is just a frame.  It's to focus your worship not hold it.  And the sooner the frame's forgotten the sooner you'll be lost in wonder, joy, and love.