In the desert tradition of early Christianity, there's this little teaching tale that warns us to stay grounded here and now, that is to keep our feet on the ground. "The elder said, 'If you see a young monk by his own will climbing into heaven, take him by the foot and throw him to the ground, because what he is doing is not good for him.'”

Likewise, resist the temptation to be somewhere other than where you are, especially some illusion of a better life that's not rooted in the reality of your own present life.

Instead, draw into your body the gifts that are coming to you from God today.  You might have to look hard and discerningly, but they're there, all around you, "If you have eyes to see and ears to hear".  Keep your feet on the ground, walking the path of your own life, feeling life as you're living it: the seams in the tile beneath your feet, the sponginess of the carpet in your office at work, the hot asphalt in the parking lot.

Then with each step, your toes and soles will grow increasingly familiar with the ground beneath your feet, for God has said it’s “holy” (Exodus 3.5).

The more you learn to savor every step, the more you’ll find yourself awake to the presence of God.

And happiness will come your way.