In the past, I've suggested a few important books on contemplative prayer, including: John Main's Word Into Silence (which I reviewed here), and

Cyprian Consiglio's Prayer in the Cave of the Heart (reviewed here),

FreemanHere's another I'm reading now.  Fr. Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine monk and the director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, following the path set out by John Main (above).  And he'll be in Fresno this coming February 8-10, 2013, as part of our annual Prayer of the Heart Conference!

I strongly urge you to read this extended meditation on the person of Jesus as the one who prays within us.  Freeman extricates Jesus from centuries of doctrinal debate that's left us with very little of the Jesus who seeks a genuine relationship with us at the core of our beings, that is spiritually.  It's this relationship that we're most hungry for--not an idea to be debated, nor an ideology to be defended, but a living presence to be befriended with more than our brains.

This book does what my teaching on my site aims to do:

  • to reach and empower those who seek "a deep and continual experience of intimacy with God,"
  • those who long to awaken "to the fire of the sacred in every day life and walk continually in it through unceasing, interior prayer."
  • those who wish "to pray in such a way that we live with a nearly continuous sense of the Holy no matter what we’re doing or where we are."