Your thoughts distract you. They lure you out of yourself and render you spiritually passive. If you don't stand at the center---your core or heart---and choose which thought to follow and why, you'll find yourself pulled in many directions at once. You'll continue to live a life that's driven by unceasing multitasking, unable to live the focused, meaningful, happy life you seek. It's the same with tasks. Do you scan your email inbox while you're talking on the phone---giving neither task the attention each deserves or requires? Do you jot notes on your to-do list while you're talking with a colleague or friend---your mind flitting to and fro, largely unconscious of what's going on right before you?

Do one thing. Choose to give full attention to a thought, task, or person. Practice watchfulness. Move toward monotasking. Ask yourself, "Am I here, now, present to what is before me?"

When you find you're not, when you become aware that you're multitasking again, simply breathe. Then follow your breath down into your heart.

When you breath---and are aware of your breathing---you come back to the present. And if you join a little prayer to your breath, you become conscious of God again. God is always near you. In fact, God is within you waiting to meet you and guide you.

Breathe and pray, and you're on your way from unceasing multitasking to the unceasing prayer which is the flame of the life you're made for (1 Thessalonians 5.17).