When cultivating the spiritual life, don't focus first on "how?"  But "how" is generally the first question people ask me.  It's not ultimate.  How inevitably follows why or what.  Get why or what right and you'll get to how. So, focus instead on the disposition of your heart---that is, why you seek God, and what the experience is like.

Here's Theresa of Lisieux:

"Sanctity does not consist in this or that practice; it consists in a disposition of the heart that makes us humble and little in God's arms, teaches us our weakness, and inspires us with an almost presumptuous trust in his fatherly goodness."

It's that that'll carry your where you need to go.  What's more, you can rest yourself humbly and little in God's arms whether your arguing a case before a jury, teaching kindergarteners, balancing your checkbook, or walking in a meadow.

Awaken your heart and all of life is prayer; daily life becomes sacred.