Take time to explore your experiences of “coming home”. The home you’ve known may not be a place you wish to return to. But what would it be like to come home to a place where you were known and loved and embraced? Have you ever tasted a moment of homecoming or is such a moment still a dream? Try to recall a time when you “awakened” to a sense of peace and happiness.

  • Perhaps you were a child and you awoke on Christmas morning full of expectation and desire.
  • Maybe it was the morning after your wedding day and you awoke to birds singing, sun shining, and you basked in the warmth of your beloved sleeping beside you.
  • Could it be the time you “woke up” and realized you get paid to do work you enjoy so much you’d do for nothing?
  • Maybe you can recall a moment when the light of Christ came to you and you awakened to a sense that in that moment you found yourself exquisitely, unexplainably happy.