Continued from previous posts The fourth stage in the spiritual journey will carry you deeper into your heart. At Stage Four, you're invited by the Holy Spirit to turn inward in order to awaken to the depth of interior intimacy with the Holy Trinity. This doesn't mean you've not tasted God until now. But it does mean that your relationship is moving to a different level. At this stage, you're discovering God all over again. I wrote extensively about this stage last month's newsletter.

Stage Four, "Second Awakening," is a deepening of your experience of the presence of God, but that doesn't mean it's easy. As in any relationship, there are real challenges as the relationship matures. You are not yet who God's destined you to be and God is different from what you once thought God to be.

This tension can cause disillusionment with God, church, and yourself.

Disillusionment with God doesn't mean God is insufficient or the church is failing you; it means, rather, that you must change, and change doesn't come easily because you are now coming face to face with the impediments that stand between you and the God who loves you.

In the posts that follow, I'll describe an experience you will inevitably have at some point as you move through your "Second Awakening."

to be continued . . .