The Resurrection is likely a belief you affirm (or maybe don't), a doctrine that's part of the religious faith you affirm. But the Resurrection is not a mere idea. It is to be lived. Not just by Jesus or by others, but by you . . . in the ordinariness of your daily life.

A woman with young children tells me that resurrection is something she practices each day--when doing dishes, parenting a child with a challenging emotional make up, talking with her husband about her day. It's no longer an idea, something she confesses in the creeds. It's a reality that feeds her way of life.  She says she's learning that she can't live life anywhere other than where she is, what's in front of her, who she is right now.  Resurrection frees her to open to Life here and now.

Religiously we say that the Resurrection is God's triumph over sin, death, and evil. It is, in a word, freedom.

So, as St. Paul says: "Awake sleeper, rise from the dead." (Ephesians 5.14)

You'll make the Resurrection more than nice ideas by practicing the resurrection daily. Free now to embrace this moment as sacred, this moment as the meeting place between you and God, this moment as alive with wonder.