I welcome to my life When you rise and welcome the day, entering it with intention and prayer, you’re not calling the day to yourself. You have no power to do that. Instead, you’re bringing yourself to the day. You’re praying for power to enter the coming day alert and alive and active—not passive, dull, unconscious.

When you whisper the words, “I welcome to my life,” you’re bending your life open again. Yesterday you did things, said things, heard things, and saw things that frightened or angered, excited or enticed you. To some degree, you went to bed worried or wounded, upset or obsessed. And today you awakened lost in your own little world, absorbed in yourself—curved in upon yourself.

But when you welcome the day, you reverse the curvature of sin. You bend yourself out toward God again. There’s still plenty to worry about. The responsibilities you face are still waiting for you. Trouble or pain will pester you again. And it’s likely that you’ll forget God and get all curved in upon yourself. No worries. Just place yourself in this welcoming posture again. Open rather than closed. Your heart curved toward God, ready to receive.

There’s more goodness coming toward you than you have eyes to see.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman