It’s obvious now that you can’t think your way to God, and shouldn’t try. But that doesn’t mean thinking isn’t important. There’s plenty of good you can and should do with your mind, but spiritually, your mind’s always secondary. At some point your ideas, even feelings, must give way to a direct experience of God that is beyond both of them. What a gift of grace this is! If knowing God depended on the quality of your thoughts, then you’d have to be brilliant to taste what you long to taste. If knowing God depended on your emotions, you can see immediately what kind of trouble you’d be in. When it comes right down to it, thoughts and emotions can carry you a good distance along the path (they can also send you on one wild goose chase after another), but they cannot carry you the whole way. Only love can carry you into the dark, mind-numbing cloud of God’s presence (Mark 10.7). Your thinking, even at its best and brightest, is eclipsed by the dazzling mystery of God who can ultimately only be known through your heart.

Your heart is the true you, the deeper you, the you undivided from God by sin.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman