Day Three in "The Journey of the Wise Men: Twelve Days and Twelve Ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice" No one can take this journey for you. The journey toward God is yours---start to finish. Setting out has energized you, and following this Star is the one thing you now know you must do. You are afraid of this journey into the unknown, but you fear more staying put, staying here, stuck in the rut that's been your life.

This journey toward God is yours, but that doesn't mean you have to walk it alone, nor should you. You'll need companionship, for this is neither a safe nor an easy journey.

You'll most likely want to choose your own companions. But frankly, those who will help you most aren't the ones you'd choose. So don't go looking for your companions. Instead, keep focused on the Star, the One you seek (Matthew 2.2). Walk in the light that's given you, and remain open to God's mischief along the way. The Holy Spirit will orchestrate surprise meetings with remarkable people traveling the same direction. You'll miss them if you focus on making your own friends. They might not fit in at a dinner party back home, but they are the ones who'll bring you the comfort, humor, wisdom, and safety you'll need on this long journey.

And when the night is darkest and the companions you need are nowhere in sight, here's the best mischief of all . . . the Light you seek at the end of your journey will walk beside you, though you cannot yet see it.

Today I will trust that the companions I need will come; I don't need to find them. I will wait and watch in faith. And when they're given to me, I will listen with my heart for the gifts they bring.

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