Day One in "The Journey of the Wise Men: Twelve Days and Twelve Ways to Deepen Your Life of Prayer" Prayer is universal. At all times and in all places people have uttered some kind of prayer. Every human heart yearns to awaken to the Light that radiates from the Center, Source, and Substance of all things. We are restless vagabonds until we come home to this Light manifest in Jesus, who is, astonishingly, Son of God---God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God.

The Magi "observed his star at its rising" (Matthew 2.2). They had only hints at what this sign in the skies meant. They had no idea where it would take them and what it would do in and through them. They only knew they had to find it . . . come hell or high water.

To pray, you needn't know anything more than that you've seen a great light. And the first step of prayer is to awaken your desire (even desperation!) to move in its direction.

Prayer begins this way, with humble awareness of your need.

Today, Christmas Day, all I must do is to look to the Light and awaken my desire or desperation to find it . . . come hell or high water.

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