Unfortunately, the spiritual life has too often been hijacked by well-meaning, but misguided agendas.  These agendas are largely responsible for the ache you often feel, the emptiness in your spiritual life, despite the best intentions of religious leaders.

  • You've heard pastors tell you that you are "blessed to be a blessing," making your spiritual life an instrument toward some other purpose.
  • Worship in the churches has often been reduced to entertainment, and you, a spectator---or worse a ticket paying patron of the artists who perform religious acts on stage before you.
  • You've learned to think the faith, assenting to right doctrine, but despite your ardent belief, your heart misses the reality the doctrine is meant to communicate.
  • And frequently your hunger for God's nabbed by those who want to enlist you in their great causes---as good as they may be, they exhaust you and leave you panting for more than what they can give you.

You want God, but we've given you religion.

Religion is not opposed to God, but it can too easily become a surrogate for the real thing. Prayer---genuine prayer---introduces you to the goal of all religion, and the Jesus Prayer is among the most ancient forms of genuine prayer.

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman