Why should you do your inner, spiritual work? Why practice the prayer of the heart?  Why enter the silent land within? Because it is the chosen dwelling place of God.  It is the "palace of Christ in which he retires" (St. Macarius the Great).  It is the very seat of eternity, the gateway between heaven and earth.  The Holy of Holies.  Put another way, it is the bed of your Beloved where the deepest intimacies you seek are shared.

In a heart, then, like a house where clutter rules the roost (both the most beautiful things and good, as well as the most ugly and evil of things), all this is hidden, covered, and ignored to the great tragedy of you who could know so much more.

Clean up your heart.  Do your inner work.  Make the bed of your heart worthy of Love.

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman