Learning to pray is no mystery.  It requires no sophisticated technique.  Prayer is not the privilege of the super-religious, the spiritual virtuoso.  Life is prayer, and an active spirituality begins with the simplicity of these two basic things, available to each of us:

  1. an awareness of exactly where you are in the world (the ground beneath your feet, the sky above, the person or task before you)
  2. and an awakening to the truth that God is as near as your next breath, close as the beating of your heart

In this video, I explore the teaching of Jesus about the life of prayer---both where he actually taught (the shores and streets and open fields), and his not-so-secret place where you and I meet up with God.

If these  few simple steps are the foundation for an active spirituality, a life of prayer, what would you say the next few might be?

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman