Your thoughts may still screech and chatter like monkeys in a cage, and they’ll be quite annoying. But you don’t have to mind them. In fact, you’re on the path to freedom; you’re learning how to hold them a safe distance from your heart. This won’t happen over night. But with practice you’ll be amazed at how different life is when you no longer let your thought-monkeys take hold of you and pull you into their little cage. To advance much farther in this, you’ll need to learn what’s called “the prayer of the heart,” interior or contemplative prayer, and I’ve promised to teach this to you . . . but later. All that’s important at this point is for you to know that you are not your thoughts, that you needn’t be a victim to them or the emotions wrapped up in them, and that you can learn to hold them a safe distance from your heart.

Over time you’ll learn to drawn them down into your heart where Christ is. In prayer, your thoughts and emotions will be both healed and heeled. The monkeys in the cage of your mind will actually learn to sit down and rest peacefully.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman