Some (maybe most) days you feel pretty dull to GOD. You rarely pray other than at meal time or when you really need something. Your Bible goes unread. In fact, GOD isn't often on your mind. There's a part of you that honestly wants GOD, an on-going encounter with the Divine that opens you to more than what you're living. But despite your best intentions to live a life more alert to the Sacred, frankly, you don't . . . for a myriad of reasons.

Here's a little practice: let's say right now you feel dull to spiritual things. That sense you have of feeling dull is itself an awakening. That you feel dull is evidence of an inner desire for more of GOD. Pause right now and express that inwardly. "I feel dull to GOD; I'd like to know more of GOD."

That's it. Do nothing more. Let it be.

And the next time you feel dull, do the same.

Intention: Noting the dullness is itself a doorway to change. And rather than dreaming up grand experiences or taking on rigorous spiritual practices, I'll simply be where and what I am.  If I do, I'll find myself increasingly awake to GOD.

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman