Prayer theme: The communion of the Holy Trinity You awaken today and all around you are signs of conflict. You read the newspaper, scan the Internet, listen to the news, talk with a family member or co-worker, feel the stress in your shoulders or stomach, and you realize that there’s tension everywhere.

You’re part of a world where everything and everyone is related, but most everything and most everyone have trouble just getting along. God intended harmony, but discord’s the raucous symphony that plays twenty-four hours a day.

This is exactly why you rise and greet the day with prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Pound for pound, there’s more goodness around you than you can imagine. There are more angels with you, more saints for you, more loving companions near you than you can now see. But without the Trinity, the babel of a world gone mad would long ago have drowned out the music of this goodness.

The Trinity is many things, but it’s at least this—it is our guarantee that despite appearances all things hold together. Harmony, not discord is the center of all things. Today, you rise to welcome this truth, gather yourself into this Center, and pray for the faith to dwell there no matter what comes your way.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman