Prayer theme: the communion of the Holy Trinity Honestly, the Trinity will baffle you. You won’t ever get your mind around It. This is God we’re talking about, not beer or Tylenol. If we can say what God-as-Trinity is, then what kind of god would we really have? Any god we can describe cannot be the God who is the Source and End of all things—the Alpha and Omega. This isn’t a put down to your intellect. It’s simply recognizing its limitations. Your mind, made by God, can adore the One who made it but can never comprehend the Mystery Itself.

God is One—always, eternally. And God is Three—always, eternally. Three-in-One and One-in-Three—always, eternally. Three Persons, one Substance. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Mother, Wisdom, Sacred Fire.

God exists in community, but a community that gets along. Always, eternally.

There is no warfare between Persons of the Trinity. There is no hierarchy. The Father is not more-God than the Son, the Son doesn’t have a higher pay-grade than the Spirit. Just as the One exists as Many, so the Many exist as One.

Here’s the pay-dirt for you today—

It’s going to look and feel like things are coming apart around you. You’ll see plenty of signs of competition and struggle, anger and violence, chaos and madness. But you’ve joined up with God. You’ve welcomed “the communion of the Holy Trinity,” and this communion is your guarantee that a community can get along. The Trinity is your warrant of hope for the world in the midst of brokenness. The Trinity is the fountain of love in the face of hostility, the source of compassion and justice where there is anger and violence and alienation.

Now, when you pray, you welcome the communion of all things—your family, your friends and workplace included. One day all things, the nations and Earth too, will be as God-as-Trinity is—a glorious harmony, all things getting along with the One, and the One getting along with all things.

Take that to work with you today, or to school, or when you walk the dog . . . and raise a little heaven on earth.

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman