Even now as you read these words, you can notice that there’s something within you that wants you to believe that God is far away, and that you have so far to go. There’s a foulness sitting at the source of your heart, and it’s muddying your view. All you see is the kingdom of your ego, ruled by a little you—an ugly, unholy parody of the true you. But there’s a path toward healing and recovery, and you’re on it. Made desperate by your awakening, you’re running a path that takes you farther into the depths of your being where you must face and confront this ugly parody of you really are. But don’t be afraid. The path is dark, for ugly things lurk here. But if you knew the truth, you’d know they’re only phantoms. You’re lit up with God as you run further in, and the only thing this Fire will consume is sin—your false, deluded, fallen self—and the phantoms it uses to protect itself. You’ll be glad to let that stuff burn.

So, why not stop for a moment and contemplate this thing God is up to in you?

Turn aside from the path. Remove your shoes and socks. The ground beneath your feet is holy (Exodus 3.5).

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AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman