Today I wed my beloved.  Suffering and pain redeemed.  For our story, see our website here. At the reception, I surprised my love with this new poem:

You Hugged a Rainbow

When we have failed at love, and brokenhearted pain takes hold of us, how do we ever trust again?

Some never do.

When gloom is all they see for years on end, a hollow emptiness becomes a bitter friend,

And they envision nothing new.

But you . . . you hugged a rainbow in the rain and refused to let it go till Love should come to you again.

Ah, wounded heart remade by grace! Because of you I dared to trace

that precious rainbow too.

So let us dance and drink champaign! We'll prove God's promise is not vain,

that Love can make us new.

May 14, 2011

Note: "Champaign" is new wine that is invigorated with the carbonation of life. And new wine is just what this new beginning is all about. My friend, Doug Lowe, says, "I suppose thats why champaign is associated with weddings and new years celebrations, though I don't think we stop to consider it's appropriateness often enough."

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman