Here's another of the films I used among my ministry students recently, but so timely and appropriate for any of us who feel the stress and strain of daily life today.

To avoid clergy burnout--and the burnout any of us can feel when we are working too hard and with too few margins--we need to challenge so many of the assumptions we hold dear . . . the ways that drive us in our families, work settings, and religious communities.

Jean Vanier says, "Life is about relationship and fun, not winning medals."  But too many of us seem to be out to win gold--at great expense to our bodies and relationships.

What does it mean to infuse life with more playfulness--a playfulness inspired by the great spiritual vision of Jesus?  

And what will it take for us to change our lives and our communities?

What must we give up? (a great Lenten question!)

And who are the people who can teach us the way? (see the video for a surprising answer; it's not those most of us look to for answers)

AuthorChris Neufeld-Erdman